Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 52 - Be Fearless and Keep Pushing

He got home today and I felt like a little kid. I was so stoked to show him my creation! My apple pie. I showed him my professional looking pictures and he shot it down like it was nothing. He told me that the crust was too thick, not well cooked, apple was not cooked, no flavour and what so ever. I told him to try some and he said "why would I want to eat it?"

It felt like whatever I do, he would always find ways to shoot them down but that's okay, that just makes me want to do even better and show him who's right.

If I don't believe in my own work, no one will and I do believe in my work. The apples can be eaten raw and the apples were coated outside. The apples used was almost like "Granny Smith", it should take much longer to break down.

The pastry was cooked weirdly because people in my class kept on opening the oven! Blah its okay, I will come back a stronger me.

going down dvp

Keep you guys posted.


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