Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good food, good company and good weather

Today was such a nice day, good weather, good food and good company of course! Speaking of which, good food. We went to "Mongkok Restaurant" at Kennedy and hwy7, it was a really nice place packed with people and the good aroma of dim sum. Go to this restaurant if you want a old fashion dim sum cart feel.

What we had:

Chicken feet
curry squid
bbq pork buns (my favourite)
shrimp wrapped dumplings
siu mai (pork)
ginger tripe

And I think that was it. The tea was pretty fresh as well and the service was great. What was even more funny was, we saw Eric Cher from our baking class. He's always fun and dandy.

Anyways, my kitchen is done! Now I just have to clean up a bit and then I will start with the videos again. So don't worry, I will get back on it!

left to right: siu mai, shrimp dumplings, chicken feet, curry squid and ginger tripe

graphic design at heart

Still got that passion =)

nice chocolate =)


packaging design

you girls are everywhere, I will get back up the ladder one day. just you wait =)



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