Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've had a bad week, well it all depends how you look at it and I feel like I have had a bad week. I feel like I'm lacking inspiration and the will to just seek for new things. I am sure everyone goes through a bad week but I think I reached to a point where I just couldn't handle much of it.

Therefore, I decided to do some baking and made some treats for my fellow peers. The strawberry cupcakes were my first choice and also my first time making it. They were great, tastes like cake and the frosting was such a treat. It had cream cheese, whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract. But turns out, putting them in the fridge over night kind of harden them a bit. Thus making it not as soft as they should be. I was not 100% pleased.

The ice date cakes was an awesome tea time snack, excellent finger food. It came out nicely, except, believe it or not I still don't have a 8 inch square pan yet. My oven seems to be acting wonky. The bottom was boarder line burnt but was not exactly burnt. Other than that, the cake itself was very sweet and had a lot of spices I enjoy (i.e. cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg). The icing sugar was, well, icing sugar. Not a big fan of it but still did it's job.

Here is the bad news, I just bought a new basketball and the black plastic part of it (where you pump air in) dropped in the ball. FML? Definitely. Pissed and annoyed I am.

Oh well, it all depends how you look at things like I said. It could have been worst.

Anyways, enjoy. =)


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