Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Run wild till you fall asleep...

It's true when people say Toronto snows when its not suppose to. Today is that day where it is snowing like crazy and I heard its going to turn into freezing rain, ouch. Some exciting news, a part that I was expecting to come in the mail came in yesterday and I am super happy about it! It's such a rare part that I got from ebay for a cheap price! It was 73% off original price!!! OMG. =)

Anyways, yesterday I made Sweet potato & Apple Soup. It was one of the best things I have ever made, it tasted like a soup you would enjoy at a high class restaurant. Heres what's in it:

Sweet potato & apple soup
Golden delicious apples
sweet potatoes
red onion
olive oil
veggie stock

Combine those ingredients together and boil until the apples and potatoes are fork tender, then puree the soup and add garnish. Drink immediately! The taste is just amazing, it had a bit of sweet and sour followed by the hint of mixed spices.

Everybody believed in you...

im an idiot


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