Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Both of Us


Gosh, I am so tired. I slept late last night and it wasn't because of baking. I feel like I can't even type, spell or speak properly. Note to self, no more late nights. I am getting too old for this. Yes, Both of Us is a new hit single by B.O.B. and Taylor Swift, I can't believe they got together to do a song. What a week this has been, first the lost of a playoff game then met up with a stranger for some work and now late night sleeping. Boy, I am on a role aren't I? Haha.

Anyways back on topic, last night I had the urge to bake something really chocolately and sweet. I turned to one of my favourite Anna Olson books, Back to Baking and I picked out this receipe called Fully Loaded Cranberry Coconut Marshmallow Brownies. I know, it sounds like a mouth full! The sad thing is, I was in a rush to get to work this morning and didn't even get a chance to bring some to work and try some myself. Oh well. I'll keep you guys posted.

Here is what you need.

Fully Loaded Cranberry Coconut Marshmallow Brownies
125ml unsalted butter 
90g buttersweet chocolate
 90g unsweetened chocolate 
250ml sugar 
3 eggs at room temp 
5ml vanilla extract 
125ml all purpose flour 
60ml cocoa powder
 2ml salt 
125ml sweetened flaked coconut 
125ml dried cranberries soaked in hot water for 5 minutes 
 500ml mini marshmellows

Anna always has these interesting ways of making different types of brownies and that is why I always run to her when I want a new experience with brownies. And yes, yes I know I have been very unconsistant in posting and spending time in the kitchen but you have to understand that I am only human and I get lazy. =P Not that I don't like spending time with Kitty (My kitchen aid cake stand mixer).

I always keep an open mind and if you don't like what you see then let me know. And I promise I will come back with pictures of the finished product. =)

sauce pan with two types of chocolate and butter
coconut flakes folded
marshmallows folded
cranberries folded
old man's work
making sure everything is coated with chocolate


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