Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pre-quarter Century Stereo Love

Hello All!!

Boy, it was a crazy celebration but I made it and now its all over. =( On tuesday, my old man cooked up a storm in our small kitchen and he came up with a lot of interesting foods. I still have to chase him down and ask him for each of the names but for now you can enjoy the eye candies.

I gather all the family and relatives that were free Tuesday August 21 2012 and made a special request; that was to dress nicely for a nice dinner. Of course, I wanted to make this a big deal and told my little ones to dress up fancier than others. To my surprise, they came with ties, dress shirts and vests. I was very happy with the results and could tnot imgaine the amount of respect I got for my quarter century.

Back on topic, the food was exquisite! All my favourite dishes were there, roast beef, LOBSTER!, chicken, smoked salmon, SEA BASS and pasta. The best was the steam lobster with vemicelli, I can never get enough of it.

For dessert, we had the traditional sponge fruit cake and a fruit meringue; old man style.

The next day, I walked into work and bumped into a lot of "Daniels". My co-workers decided to make a "Daniel Day" and took on my habits ie eating corn in the morning, bringing steammed rice with meat. They dress up like me by wearing bright coloured polos, tight pants, funky glasses and converse. This was a really nice gesture and something that has never been done before at the office. I was very touched and almost died laughing. A friend of mine never wears polos and he wore a BRIGHT cyan American Eagle Polo that he bought from value village. I love my coworkers. =)

There was so much love building up to my birthday, check my next post!


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